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Eye Care

This treatment is created for the delicate skin around the eye area...


Facial Express

Our facial express is designed to give the maximum results in minimum time...


Neck & Decolette

Neck and decollete treatment for a youthful look...


Mesotherapy Skin Shoot

Skin Shooting is a new method of rejuvenation for the skin...


Hydra Collagen Silk Ntense

Collagen from the sea fills the empty moisture depots of the skin with a lasting effect...


CS III Collagen Stimulation

High -Tech ingredients ASC III for a rich & smooth demanding skin


Hyaluronic Multiple Effect

Anti-aging treatment with multiple active Hyaluronic Acids for intensive soft skin...


Men Recovery

This treatment is an easy way to improve blemishes & minimize pores...


Stri-Pexan (Phyto Stem Cell)

Stri-Pexan is effective against wrinkles & crow's feet...


A Classic Power Boost

A classic power boost treatment...


ASA Peel Rejuvenating

Stri-Pexan is effective against wrinkles & crow's feet...


Caviar Power Treatment

The innovative anti-aging treatment provides support for natural skin repair


C Pure Repairing

Novel C Pure treatment Protects against skin damage...


Repagen Anti-Aging

Facial expressions & free radicals dehydration


Cuve Prestige Moisturizing

A luxury treatment for all skin types aged between 35 and above...


Kiwicha Inca Beauty (Organic)

The gold of INCAS nourishes your skin in a natural way...


Deep Cleaning & Microdermabraision

Microdermabrasion, skin rejuvenation is used to treat sun damage & stretch marks...


Vitamin a Retinol Face

Vitamin a for an effective anti-aging cure...