Paragliding Tandems:

We fly every day, all day, all year round provided the weather's good.

Flight duration is 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions.

Briefing, gearing-up and flight time amount to approximately 1 hour

Reservation is required 48 hours prior to the requested date of the flight.

Paragliding is subject to wind conditions so you must be advised that sometimes postponement of the flight can occur at the last minute.

DVD of the packages are available.

Minors are requested to have one of their parents (or legal guardian) present & their signature on the discharge letter.

Maximum weight is 100kgs.

What to wear:
Jeans or tracksuits.
Running or hiking shoes.
A sweatshirt is recommended if the weather is a bit chilly. A Jacket is necessary during the winter season.
You can bring your phone or camera with you.

Our tandem pilots hold international certification and are insured.

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