Kiwicha Inca Beauty (Organic)

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Kiwicha Inca Beauty (Organic)

Kiwicha Inca Beauty (Organic)

120 USD


Nourishes your skin in a natural way. BDIH CERTIFIED.

Kiwicha is based on the gold of Incas – in a newly discovered form: Amaranthus Caudatus, once a staple of the Incas, is called Kiwicha  (pronounced : key-wee-cha) in the Andean Incan language. It was seen as holy, valued as a sacrifice to the sun-god an epitome of grace and beauty.

KIWICHA was developed for sensitive skin, as well as dry and mature skin .

Natural plant-based formula, gluten-free, free of PEGs, mineral and silicone oils.

Free of synthetic fragrances and colorants. Free of animal extracts. Dermatologically tested.

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