A Classic Power Boost

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A Classic Power Boost

A Classic Power Boost

120 USD

A Classic Power Boost Treatment offers customers a complete and innovative cabin care with convincing results. This range allows to detox and intensely hydrate mature skin, reduce fine lines and streaks, and regenerate cells for fresh and regenerating skin.

The treatment provides customers with convincing results thanks to three new adapted treatments: Emulsion Booster, Activator Powder Mask, And Peel-off Gel Mask. The treatment is based on the intimate alloy of the PAG of longevity and a "Golden" Mask.

The PAG of longevity brings together the powerful peptide fox which slows down signs of aging thanks to the stimulation of Genoa, Vitamin A for the acceleration of cell growth and DNA repair, and the liposome of Genistein for the inhibition of old age spots by oxidative detoxification.

After traditional cleaning and scrub, we apply the emulsion booster treatment on the face, neck, and cleavage and we let the skin absorb it in full. Then, in contact with the Activator Powder Mask Treatment, The Peel-off gel mask treatment transforms without added water, into a smooth and supple dough. The Golden Mask applies easily and when placed on the face, serves as a second skin. Active ingredients such as champagne extract help regenerate cells and reduce wrinkles.

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