Stri-Pexan (Phyto Stem Cell)

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Stri-Pexan (Phyto Stem Cell)

120 USD

The ingredients of Stri-Pexan are drastically effective against wrinkles and even crow's feet. We offer you the groundbreaking advancement in the cosmetics world. Watch your face renew itself with a magical combination of ingredients well-renowned for their effective wrinkle-reducing action. 

By utilizing apple tree stem cells, the treatment leaves the skin brightened, nourished, and deeply moisturized, removing all signs of fatigue.  Recommended for all both mature skin, and skin with early signs of aging.

Stri-Pexan phyto stem cell technology treatment can prolong the longevity of the cells in the basal layer. Highly concentrated, powerful ingredients, combined with elaborate transport systems, are aimed at stimulating the regeneration of the cells, protect DNA, and counteract premature skin aging. The result: radiant, firm, and youthful skin. 

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